GE Water & Process Technologies (UK) LP

Phone: 01733 385444
Fax: 01733 391775
Address: Hydro House
Newcombe Way
Orton Southgate

GE has come a long way from 1879 when Thomas Edison invented the first light bulb.
In fact GE’s history is rich with innovations such as the first central power station, the first
medical X-ray, the first jet engine and the first transatlantic radio broadcast, to name just a few. Water & Process Technologies continues the tradition of “imagination at work” by
bringing cutting edge technology and innovation to solve the world’s toughest water problems. Regardless of a company’s size and the challenges that face its industry, GE has a complete portfolio of equipment and chemical solutions that can solve the toughest water treatment challenges—while helping to control cost.

The equipment portfolio includes Cartridge Filters, Softeners, Multi-Media Filters, Activated Carbon Filters, Tanks and Pumps, R/O Reverse Osmosis, NF Nano-Filtration, MF Micro-Filtration, UF Ultra-Filtration, Process Separation, UV Disinfection, UV Dechlorination, Ozone Systems, EDI Electro De-Ionization, MBR Membrane Bio-Reactors, EAF Entrapped Air
Flotation, ZLD Zero Liquid Discharge, TOC Analyzers, Fanuc or AB Controls, Engineered or Standard Systems

The chemicals portfolio includes Cooling Tower Programmes, Biocides, Defoamers, Corrosion and Scale Inhibitors, Dispersants, Boiler Programmes, Corrosion/Scale Inhibitors,Oxygen Scavengers, Steam Treatments, Fire-Side Additives, Closed Loop Treatments, Neutral pH System Descaling, Membrane Treatments, Waste Treatment Programmes